Instagram introduces bookmark feature

The social media wars continue to intensify as photo-sharing website Instagram introduces a new feature that allows users bookmark their favorite posts.

The announcement came hours after Twitter announced a full-integration of Periscope into the Twitter app, allowing users to stream videos directly from the app.

The new update addresses one of the drawbacks Instagram had: people not being able to keep track of their favorite posts. Before this update, you had to remember the username of the person who published the post, and go check their feed to see the post again.

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The update makes Instagram seem a little like Pinterest, one of it’s major competitors in the photo sharing market. All your saved posts go into a folder, which you can easily view at your convenience. It wouldn’t be the first time Instagram had borrowed ideas from a competitor, having almost totally copied Snapchat’s Stories feature back in August.

To save a post, all you have to do is click the bookmark icon, which would appear just beneath the post. Your saved folder is private, unlike Twitter’s Likes, and nobody else can see what you have saved.

The update would be of particular delight to marketers, who can now create bookmark-worthy ads that customers can easily view over and over.